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Important Notice

The CMAs have announced that they will commence testing financial reporting in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards


Further Changes - Qualifying as a CMA

In 2007, the Society of Management Accountants announced further changes to their pre professional and strategic leadership programs.

Students graduating from an accredited university degree program will be able to directly enter into the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) (this continues unchanged from 2007).  Students that do not meet this requirement will write a four hour multiple choice examination that covers the areas of strategic management; risk management and governance; performance management (cost management, cost behavior, cost allocation, pricing, and variance analysis); performance measurement (individual and organizational performance measurement and compensation); financial management (corporate finance and corporate tax topics); and financial reporting (financial accounting).   This exam will be offered in June and October.

Commencing in 2008, students that have not successfully passed what was known as the Day 2 case exam will be required to write the CMA Case Exam at the end of the first year in the SLP.   This exam will be similar to the former Day 2 exam in that it will be timed, done individually under exam conditions, and it will consist of a Backgrounder and Additional Information.  This exam will be offered twice per year, in May and August and the candidate must pass this exam  in order to  continue into year two of the SLP.


In the final year of the SLP, candidates are required to prepare and present a Board Report.   Candidates  must pass this component to earn their CMA.


In short, there are four things that students  must do in order to earn their CMA:

  1. Gain entry to the SLP through their degree earned at an accredited university or by successfully completing the multiple choice entrance examination (testing strategic management, risk management and governance, performance management, performance measurement, financial management and financial reporting).

  2. Demonstrate the required competencies through the SLP (there  will no longer be marks earned per se).

  3. Pass the CMA Case Exam at the end of year one of the SLP (Backgrounder and Additional Information under timed exam conditions).

  4. Pass the Board report at the end of year two of the SLP.

It is our intent to provide coaching and support for both the Entrance Examination and the Case Exam.



Thank you for your interest in our CMA  Examination preparation programs.  The following information outlines our  program.  Ours is an intensive at distance and residential program that takes place prior to the exam.

Brief History

4Point Learning Systems Inc. was formed in June 2004 to fill the void left by the discontinuation of Grant MacEwan College's Accounting Boot Camp.  Its managing director, Gary Biggs, was involved with Accounting Boot Camp from its inception to its demise - the victim of budget cuts.  Gary has extensive experience in preparing students to write the CMA Entrance Examination.  In addition to his involvement with Accounting Boot Camp, he has also delivered CMA Entrance Examination preparation courses through the Society of Management Accountants of Canada in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


Preparing for the Entrance Examination

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Preparing for the Case Examination

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