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Case Exam


Preparing for the Case Exam

The Case Exam

The case exam will be offered twice per year, once in May and once in August.  It will be taken individually, and it consists of a backgrounder and additional information.  Students failing the exam in May will have a chance to re-write in August and continue with their cohort into year two of the SLP.  Students failing the September write will have to re-take year one of the SLP.

The dates for the 2010 Case exam are Wednesday May 12, 2010  and Wednesday August 18, 2010.  The Backgrounders for the Case Exams will  be released (in electronic format) 48 hours in advance of the examination.

We will only be providing support for the May Case Exam offering.


Prior to the Residential Session

Commencing approximately six weeks in advance of the Case Exam (April 1, 2010), our at distance program will prepare students for success on this component of their accreditation as a CMA.   The preparation will consist of at distance lectures on writing case exams coupled with some technical review in areas such as ratio analysis, capital budgeting  and cost volume profit analysis delivered in streaming video (currently we are using wmv  - Windows Media Video file format).  The program will consist of several modules including two practice cases to be submitted for feedback.


It is suggested that students commence the program no later than April 1 for the May write.


Candidates must complete all of the pre-session work in advance of their arrival at the residential session


The Residential Session

The primary focus of the at-distance material is to provide the candidate with the process for successfully writing a CMA Case Exam.  The focus of the residential sessions centers on exam strategies and techniques.  The combination of these two efforts will ensure that the candidate gives “a personal best” effort on exam day. 

In addition to the at-distance component, there will be a 1 1/2  day residential component commencing on the Monday prior to  the exam and ending on the Tuesday afternoon before the exam.  The Monday will be spent briefly reviewing techniques and strategies in case writing and the Tuesday will be spent analyzing the Backgrounder.

Review of the syllabus with the intent of “teaching” the technical subject areas is kept to a minimum at the residential sessions.   The daily session runs from approximately 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Monday and 8:00 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday.  This will allow those from out of town sufficient time to travel home to write the examination.



The fee for the course is a non refundable $995 plus GST and is payable upon registration.  For those that have taken the Entrance Examination Preparation session through 4Point Learning Systems there is a $200 discount resulting in a fee of $795 plus GST  (again non refundable - due in full upon registration).


We reserve the right to cancel Preparation Sessions due to insufficient enrollment



Follow the link for the registration form = > Case Registration

Follow the link for a brochure => 4PLS Case Exam


To Conclude

Our program provides an at-distance program of study to assist the candidate in achieving the required level of readiness.  The distance learning program guides candidates through the syllabus topics, covering the technical requirements of the CMA  Examination Process.  The program includes two practice exams which are submitted for review and feedback.  


We have enhanced the technical review component by providing participants with a set of "internet movie"  files . 


Determine what you need from a CMA  Examination Preparation program.  Read through the information contained on this website with the aim of finding out if our program will provide what you require. 


Feel free to give my office a call  @ 780.448.9221, or e-mail me  info[at]4pointlearningsystems.com - note - replace the [at] with @.


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