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Entrance Examination


Preparing for the Entrance Examination

2010 - We will not be offering preparation sessions in 2010. 

The CMAs have indicated their intent to commence testing  IFRS (based on the 2009 bound edition) effective for 2010.  Given that as of 2009 there were 11 exposure drafts and 27 proposed improvements to IFRS, I feel that it is better to hold off and align my materials with the IFRS that is likely to be implemented in 2011.  Consequently I will not be making available Entrance Examination preparation materials for 2010. 



2011 - We will not be offering preparation sessions in 2011. We will have resource material available for the three technical areas of the CMA Entrance Examination - Financial Reporting (based on IFRS), Performance Management and Financial Management (corporate finance and tax).  The material will consist of summary notes and videos using wmv files.  Material will be available January 1, 2011.





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