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About the Program

About 4Point Learning Systems' CMA Case Examination Preparation Course


What does it take to pass the CMA Case Examination? 

Successful candidates prepare themselves based upon three key factors of success.  Sufficient levels of technical knowledge, exam writing technique and mental toughness are required to perform well on the case exam.  Early on, working to improve technical knowledge has the added benefit of enhancing the quality of your case analysis and improving your confidence.  As the date of the exam draws near, however, working to increase technical knowledge drains your energy and your confidence.


4Point Learning Systems Inc.  has designed a program that candidates have used to help them achieve a passing grade on the CMA case examination.  We have picked up where Grant MacEwan's Accounting Boot Camp® has left off.  The magic of the program is not magic at all.  Success results from hard work channeled toward the goal. 


Our staff are all expert in their field.  We don’t refer to them as teachers.  They are coaches.  In addition to teaching, the coaches provide the leadership and organization required to set a personal best on game day. 


When you register for our preparation session you receive a set of computer discs (CD or DVD format)  containing review notes and tips on case writing.  This review package is an integral part of the preparation process and acts as a review and study guide prior to the residential sessions held in May.

Included in the material are two practice case exams that are to be completed and submitted for feedback.  Each of these exams should be done over a two days with the Backgrounder being reviewed on the first day and the case written on the second day under exam conditions.  These exams should be written by hand and scanned in and emailed to us for feedback.  Alternatively, the completed practice cases could be faxed or mailed in.

Allow 100 to 120 hours to complete the material.  Completed practice exams are to be submitted by the dates indicated. The exams will be returned and feedback offered where required.   

Students must complete the pre-session material before arriving at camp. 




At the residential session we will

·        Review some of the finer points of case writing.

·        Develop some strategies for exam day.

·        Review the information provided in the Backgrounder.  



You will be required to write the exam in your home province




The fees are $995 plus GST, non refundable and due in full with your registration.  Payment must be received in full or you will not be registered.

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal, students must notify Gary Biggs at (780) 448-9221.


We reserve the right to cancel Preparation Sessions due to insufficient enrollment.



Fees Include: 

Resource and instructional material used prior to, and during the residential session (except text books)
Technical support during the at-distance portion of the course
Practice examination simulations (two practice case exams to be completed before the residential session).



Fees Do Not Include: 

Reference Textbooks - Students are responsible for obtaining reference text books as required although much of the technical skills that you require on the exam should have been reviewed in the SLP.
Meals & accommodation.  Meals and accommodation are the responsibility of the student.
Transportation .  Transportation to the residential sessions and to the exam centre is the responsibility of the student.
The exam writing and other fees assessed by CMA Canada and its provincial partners.



We reserve the right to cancel Preparation Sessions due to insufficient enrollment.



The June 2009 residential session  is scheduled to be held in Edmonton, Alberta

We usually recommend that participants stay in downtown Edmonton (assuming the exam is written downtown - please check with us before making your accommodation plans.  Edmonton is a cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural heritage and is Canada’s City of Festivals.  The city has fostered an international reputation as a great place to live and fun place to visit.  



Follow the link to a printable brochure that explains our program => BROCHURE



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